Ovia’s fertility algorithm leads to conception more often than traditional calendar tracking

graphic depicting TTC data

Time to conception and the menstrual cycle: an observational study of fertility app users who conceived

Published: Journal of Human Fertility
Authors: Danielle Bradley 1Erin Landau 1Noreen Jesani 2Brett Mowry 3Kenneth Chui 4Alex Baron 1Adam Wolfberg

Leveraging millions of data points, Ovia Health investigated the interaction between cycle length and cycle irregularity, and their joint association with the amount of time it takes a couple to conceive.

This was the first study to interact cycle length with cycle variability to better understand conception probability.

This paper identified cycle characteristics most closely associated with delayed time to conception and helps members understand how to track their cycles for optimal conception likelihood.

Ovia’s fertility program is a more accurate and sophisticated cycle monitoring method for most women who are trying to conceive.

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