Body changes during pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, your body will need to makes some changes in order to accommodate your growing baby.

Breaking down BMI

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Breast changes during pregnancy

Pregnant woman sits on the bed holding her stomach

Navigating pregnancy in a bigger body with a history of disordered eating

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What is the pelvic floor?

Is pregnancy intercourse safe?

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Are there any complications of a molar pregnancy?

Odd (but common) pregnancy symptoms

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First trimester weight gain

Safe sex during pregnancy

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When will I start showing?

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When should I start sleeping on my side?

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Pregnancy symptoms: what you need to know

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Protruding navel when pregnant

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Edema (swollen feet and ankles) when pregnant

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Breast pain when pregnant

Bloating when pregnant

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Dealing with pregnancy insomnia

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The couples’ guide to sex & intimacy during pregnancy

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All about tracking with Ovia

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Your dilating cervix: gateway to Baby

From lush locks to bald spots: the real deal on hair changes when pregnant and postpartum

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Flatulence when pregnant

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Responding to unwanted belly rubs

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Swollen feet during pregnancy

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7 smart ways to get your appetite back during pregnancy

Breast tenderness when pregnant

Postpartum planning: talking to your doctor about birth control

What exactly is the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) for birth control?

What body positivity really means: in conversation with nutritionist Alyson Roux

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Postpartum depression: baby blues or something more?

7 ways to increase energy during pregnancy

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Hiding your early pregnancy

Is my vagina normal? What’s normal during pregnancy?

Pelvic floor muscle exercise in pregnancy and postpartum – should I do it?

The baby needs diapers, but will I? Key info about postpartum leakage

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Weight gain targets during pregnancy: eating for two

Urinary incontinence in pregnancy

Perineal massage during pregnancy

Private parts after birth

Safe sleep while pregnant

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Tracking your weight during pregnancy

Pregnancy brain: everything you need to know about that fuzzy feeling

7 tips for pregnancy constipation

Dental health during pregnancy: watch your mouth

Should I be worried if my pregnancy symptoms disappear?

Emotions during pregnancy: the science behind it

What will my stomach look like after birth?


Pregnant over 35

Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy

Vaginal discharge in the third trimester

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Leaking breasts: What it is and why it happens