Exercise while pregnant

Exercise and movement can help you feel like your best self, but it's important that you pay attention to prenatal exercise recommendations necessary modifications.

two pregnant people walking and talking while carrying hand weights

Exercising during pregnancy may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure or preeclampsia

Breaking down BMI

woman practices yoga

Interested in prenatal yoga? Start here

Pregnant woman sits on yoga ball

Prenatal exercise & movement FAQ

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What is the pelvic floor?

three people lie on yoga matts next to each other, their faces out of sight

Kegels: your guide to the pelvic floor exercise you’re always hearing about

pregnant women doing workout

Tips to keep your workout going during pregnancy

pregnant woman swimming

Swimming when pregnant

pregnant woman stretching for a run

Activity during pregnancy: why you should track it

pregnant woman swimming

Activity during pregnancy: everything you need to know

Woman following video workout at home

Exercise during pregnancy (and when to avoid it)

Newly pregnant? Everything you need to know

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Relaxing breathing techniques for pregnancy: Coolest mom on the block

Prenatal yoga: What it is and how it helps

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Pregnancy relaxation techniques: keeping it calm

Postpartum exercise guidelines

Prenatal pilates

woman running on a treadmill

Running during pregnancy: what you need to know

7 ways to increase energy during pregnancy

Prenatal yoga

pregnant woman standing in a pool

The best pregnancy exercises

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Activities to avoid while pregnant

7 moves to banish back pain


Quick ways to move around

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Weight gain targets during pregnancy: eating for two

happy pregnant woman lying on a yoga mat

Kegel exercises during pregnancy: keep calm and Kegel on

Staying energized during pregnancy

A 10-minute workout for any trimester

Variety is the spice of (prenatal fitness) life

The benefits of winding down

The 5-minute at-your-desk prenatal workout

5 full-body prenatal fitness moves you can do anywhere, anytime

Foam rolling and pregnancy: How this tool can relieve common prenatal aches and pains

3 energy-boosting moves to put you back on track

Low-impact exercise during pregnancy

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What’s a risky exercise during pregnancy?