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Empowering informed choices to improve health outcomes

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Ovia Health uses evidenced-based behavioral change frameworks to help members make better healthcare decisions, leading to optimal health outcomes and decreased healthcare spend.

healthcare decision making

In 2021 Rhode Island became the first state to mandate doula coverage for private insurance companies. Some Medicaid plans also cover doula services, but the vast majority of doula care remains out-of-pocket for most birthing people.

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Members can ask Ovia’s Care Team about finding doula coverage, maximizing their benefits, and even speak with a doula on Ovia’s Care Team.

habit creation and care adherence

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents take a mental health screener at every well-child visit. This is the guideline but unfortunately isn’t congruently implemented; only about half of all pediatricians report screening for postpartum depression using a validated tool.

Ovia deploys the same validated mental health screeners parents would take at the doctor’s office in-app at specific time points throughout a member’s journey, and these screeners are available on-demand at any time throughout pregnancy and the first few years postpartum.

self-advocacy and plan-development skills

A recent randomized controlled trial found that people who create a birth plan have improved childbirth experiences; increased perceived support and control in labor; reduced fear of delivery; suppressed psychological symptoms of depression and PTSD, and increased frequency of vaginal delivery.

Members can work 1:1 with the Ovia Care Team to craft a birth plan that’s right for them.

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