Welcome to Ovia Health’s Community!

Last updated 04/27/2023

Ovia Health’s Community is a safe and inclusive environment where our users can ask candid questions and get honest answers. This is a place where you can come to feel supported or offer your support to other women and families who may need it.

We’ve made your questions and posts in Community anonymous to other Ovia users, so everyone can feel free to be their most curious self.

While our opinions and feelings may differ from time to time, everyone who uses Community does their best to approach interactions with respect, sincerity, and kindness.

House Rules

Certain kinds of content just doesn’t belong within Community. Be personal. Be supportive. Be yourself. Just don’t be the following:

  • Inappropriate: No content that is pornographic, obscene, violent, or illegal.
  • Abusive: No cursing, name-calling, hate speech, harassment, personal threats, or general rudeness.
  • Promotional: No marketing, advertising, soliciting, or posting that benefits you in a monetary way.

Tips for having a successful experience

Controversial content

Be aware that some questions can result in strong reactions. When you ask a controversial question, be respectful to individuals who may have differing opinions. When you answer one, feel free to provide your perspective and be willing to accept that others may disagree with you.

With civility and kindness, we can all have more productive conversations.

No personal information

Please do not provide or solicit personal information. Community activity is not publicly identifiable for your safety and privacy.

Please do not ask for or provide age, location, email, social media accounts, or other identifying information.

Medical Advice

Ovia Health does not endorse and is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, or statement made anywhere in the Services, including, importantly, within the Community feature.


Above, we discussed “abusive” and “inappropriate” behavior. When you see that, please flag it so we can more easily find and remove it.

If you simply don’t agree with something, or don’t like a particular question or reply, the best strategy is just to move on. Abuse of the flagging feature could result in you being removed from Community. Flagging isn’t a way to end debates, it’s how we find truly abusive content and remove it.

Forming your question

Ovia Health’s Community is a bit different from other boards or forums you may have used. Not only do you ask a question, but you also create the answers others can select and the audience you’d like to send it to.

Community is a place where everyone can ask the questions they need answers to without fear.

We’ve found that the best questions in Community have:

  • A positive and productive tone: The best questions are real questions looking for honest answers. Those designed to be alienating or inflammatory tend to get flagged and have negative comment sections. If you don’t have something nice to say, think of something nice to say!
  • Something that can be answered or discussed: Great posts inspire thoughtful replies and conversation.
  • Concise wording: Keep it short.
  • Clear choices: Make your answer choices different from one another, and try to include an option for every perspective.

Thousands of conversations occur daily in Ovia Health’s Community. We try our best to prevent inappropriate behavior, minimize negativity, and empower you to improve your Community by maintaining an environment that is welcoming to all.

Consider exploring Community for a bit before you ask your question. Look for questions that seem well formatted, and like they belong in a community you’re excited to be a part of.