parenting and baby health tracker

With the Ovia™ Parenting app, you can track baby’s bottles, diapers, and sleep while you securely share special memories and milestones. The app grows with your family to support parents of kids up to age ten.

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age-specific support at your fingertips

When you download Ovia, you unlock access to thousands of articles and videos designed to answer all your parenting questions. Ovia content is reviewed by our in-house clinical team and personalized for your family.

features for every stage

From breastfeeding and infant care to sleep training and raising kids, we’re here to support your family.

Milestone checklist
Check off your little one’s big moments, from their first bath to their first word and beyond.

Invite family and friends
Invite a partner, family member, friend, or caregiver to follow along with your family in the app.

Daily self-care checklist
Ovia’s self-care feature will help you prioritize caring for yourself, every day.

“Ovia Parenting is like having a diary to document your kids’ development.”

– iOS User

“This app takes some of the stress away after giving birth. I use it to track baby’s feeding, sleep, and so much more. So easy to use and so informative! Highly recommend!”

– iOS User

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