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The Ovia® Pregnancy app offers you peace of mind as you reach pregnancy milestones, navigate symptoms, and plan for baby.

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With Ovia, you’ll learn about all baby’s development, prenatal care, and how to prep for the big day. Plus, you can save notes and doctor appointments, so you never miss a beat.

features for every trimester

From helpful lookup tools to fun pregnancy games, Ovia Pregnancy has everything you need to feel informed and confident for the journey ahead.

Lookup lists
Learn what’s safe to eat, what medications you can take during pregnancy, and how to find symptom relief with our lookup tools.

My baby names
Find the perfect baby name with the My baby names feature. Sort by gender and first letter and make a list of all your favorites!

Pregnancy by week
Watch weekly pregnancy updates with Co-founder, Gina. She’ll discuss her symptoms, baby’s development by week, and what to expect next.

“All my current mom friends recommended this app to me, I love it!””

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“This is my favorite pregnancy app out of all of them out there! (Trust me I tried them all)”

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“…This app helps you feel more connected to your baby and it gives you tons of tips, advice, and even recipes to make sure your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible.”

– iOS User

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Download Ovia Pregnancy to see how big your baby is and access all our pregnancy features and tools.

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