Giving birth

The time has finally come to meet baby! The last few weeks and days can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Here's some help from Ovia as you prepare to give birth.

Person speaking with Pharmacist

What you need to know about Zurzuvae, the new postpartum depression treatment

Person speaking with Pharmacist

What you need to know about Zurzuvae, the new postpartum depression treatment

Newborn testing and treatment: The need-to-knows

Trusting yourself and your body 

Identify your advocate

Pregnant woman looks at computer smiling while holding her bump.

Prenatal colostrum collection

Identifying a hospital with a lower C-section rate

Home birth

Breaking down BMI

woman practices yoga

Interested in prenatal yoga? Start here

Pregnant woman sits on yoga ball

Prenatal exercise & movement FAQ

Building a birth team

Pregnant woman with eyes closed reclines with headphones on

How to manage anxiety about labor and motherhood

Doulas: Why it’s important to find one who really gets you

Woman and man are handed their baby after a C-section

C-section recovery timeline

Pregnant woman has her stomach felt by a provider

What happens during a C-section

a woman lies on her back with her hand on her baby bump

What is perineal massage?

A woman looks down at her phone while holding her baby bump

What you should know about vaginal and perineal tears

woman kneels on hands and knees on a yoga mat with eyes closed

What is the pelvic floor?

Picture of toilet

Using the bathroom after a vaginal delivery

Mother in hospital bed with newborn

Birth plans: delivery environment, pain management, and more

6 reasons why you should write a birth plan

Baby care in the first week: the (not so) basics

COVID-19, postpartum, and breastfeeding: Your questions answered

COVID-19, labor, and delivery: Your questions answered

celebrating Black birth workers of the past

Celebrating Black birth workers of the past

Seven doulas you should know

For Black families, change is coming one doula at a time

Four midwives you should know

Meet 4 midwives dedicated to evolving the Black maternal landscape

The comfort of crafting a birth plan

Pregnant woman experiencing back pain/cramps

Signs of premature labor

pregnant woman in labor

Delivery options: finding the perfect one

What does unmedicated birth feel like?

pregnant woman packing her hospital bag

Packing a delivery bag

expecting couple sitting on couch

How to induce labor

pregnant woman with doctor

Stages of labor

doctor checking on pregnant woman

When do healthcare providers induce overdue babies?

nurse checking on pregnant woman

Prepare for labor

medical symbol

Bloody show/passing of mucus plug when pregnant

expecting couple walking

Preparing your partner for delivery

pregnant women at outdoors lamaze class

Lamaze method of childbirth

baby hospital cots

Pros and cons of different delivery locations

boy kissing mom's pregnant stomach

Does labor change from birth to birth?

pregnant woman holding stomach

Mindful pregnancy and delivery

Big decisions to make before giving birth

Where you can find mental health support

parents with their newborn

Bringing Baby home from the hospital

pregnant woman on couch

Things to do while waiting to go to the hospital

pregnant woman in bed

Episiotomy: what is it?

pregnant woman working at computer

Prepare finances for parenthood: new baby, new expenses

woman in hospital bed with newborn

Baby’s first minutes

pregnant woman in hospital bed

Labor pain control: a little relief

doctor checking pregnant woman's stomach

Your dilating cervix: gateway to Baby

Why it’s more important than ever that your child be vaccinated

Woman in nursery packing hospital bag

Unexpected items to pack in your hospital bag

women in birthing class

Childbirth classes: preparing for labor

Pregnant woman on hospital bed

Don’t put “9-1-1” in the subject line of your emails, and other lessons: One dad on his family’s early labor story and just what constitutes an emergency

women holding newborn

Keeping your newborn safe from whooping cough

Postpartum planning: talking to your doctor about birth control

The Bradley Method of childbirth

How to advocate for yourself as a patient to get the care you deserve

Why bringing a support person with you to appointments can help you advocate for the best healthcare

How a doula can support you during pregnancy and postpartum

How culturally relevant care can help you thrive during pregnancy, and beyond

Find a healthcare provider that really gets you

Why personalized care is so important for birthing parents

Don’t settle: Find a healthcare provider who really cares

How working with a midwife can help reduce health disparities

Building a birth team

Mother with her newborn in sling

Postpartum depression: baby blues or something more?

Postpartum exercise guidelines


Making your child a legal person

Talking to your doctor about your health after delivery


8 ways to keep busy when you’re overdue

closeup of man and woman and baby's hands together

Birth announcements

Woman standing at the sink in pain

What to do if you think you’re going into preterm labor

Pain medication options during labor and delivery

Pregnant woman speaking with doctor

How effective is progesterone for preventing preterm birth?

Woman getting an ultrasound

Am I at risk for preterm labor?

Woman standing at the sink in pain

What to do if you think you’re going into preterm labor

Jaundice in newborns

A guide to cloth diapers


Your guide to epidurals

doula sitting with woman in delivery room

What’s a doula, and how do they help?

Things no one tells you about having a baby (that I tell all my first-time mom friends)

Private parts after birth


When do I actually need to go to the hospital/birthing center?

Do people pump before giving birth?

Natural methods to manage your pain in labor

newborn baby lying in an incubator

Premature births

newborn baby holding father's finger

C-sections 101

Calculating Baby’s due date

Midwives: What they do and what you need to know

Feeding your newborn: Baby’s gotta eat

Cord blood banking: investing in Baby’s health

Second time parents: twice around the block

What does “inducing labor” actually mean?

What is a birthing center?

Help! I’m not sure I’m ready to give birth

mother holding sleeping newborn baby out of crib supporting head

First time parents: helpful tips

Can I give birth if I’m sick?

Apgar score: what it is and how to interpret it

pregnant woman lying on couch with headphones on her stomach

Infant education: Baby genius