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When you download the Ovia® app, you tell us whether you’re tracking your cycle, trying to conceive, or managing menopause. Then the Ovia algorithm customizes your experience.

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backed by science, personalized for you

Cycle predictions, reproductive health tips, and support for the menopause years. All in one app.

understand your body’s patterns

Whether you’re logging basal body temperature, OPKs, or perimenopause symptoms, Ovia is here to help you understand your unique patterns. The more health indicators you log, the more specific your predictions become.

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Your health at a glance
At the top of your timeline, you’ll find your dashboard, with all the need-to-knows for the day.

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Thousands of articles
Find answers to your reproductive health, fertility, and menopause questions at your fingertips. Ovia content is reviewed by our in-house clinical team.

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Daily self-care checklist
The Daily self-care checklist is available in every Ovia app to help you prioritize yourself and your happiness.

5 star rating

“I love this app…I actually use it to NOT get pregnant. I chart my period cycle and it tells me my fertile days so I know not to have intercourse on those days.”

– iOS User

5 star rating

“…This app has brought so much peace of mind I can’t even explain!”

– iOS User

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Download the Ovia app to view personalized health insights and find answers you can trust to all your general and reproductive health questions.

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