Baby Cognitive Development

2 weeks old

toddler on monkey bars

Teaching your toddler their own strength

toddler working on puzzle

Your toddler’s problem-solving skills in the third year

toddler crying

5 tips for dealing with a temper tantrum

happy toddler

Your toddler’s understanding of time

baby throwing ball

Why do babies love throwing things on the ground?

baby with book

Benefits of reading to your baby

A baby smiling on floor.

Why do babies need to stay active?

A smiling baby.

Smiling and newborns

A newborn baby laying on bed to represent newborn hearing development.

Your newborn’s hearing in the first month

Can you spoil a baby? Image here is of a baby wearing a crown and holding a scepter to represent this question.

Spoiling your newborn


What is the line between toddler and baby?

Celebrate Pride all year long with these inclusive LGBTQ children’s books 

Celebrating Black children in literature


When do babies start to recognize people?

A newborn playing with toys.

When can I start introducing toys?

Toddlers and pre-math

11 weeks old

Can toddlers multitask?

9 weeks old

8 weeks old

A baby grasping their parent's finger as part of their many reflexes.

Your newborn’s reflexes

Teaching toddlers about animals’ feelings 

A toddler’s first lie

Toddlers and repeated stories

Toddlers and literal thinking

Toddlers and sensory development

Teaching physics to your toddler 

Toddlers and self-control

Toddlers and the “why” phase

Fostering an interest in science in your toddler

When will my toddler waltz? A skills breakdown

Can I teach my toddler math?

Your toddler and the concept of storage

The evolution of the bedtime story

The beginning of fear

8 months old 

6 months old


Why do babies love repetition so much?

A person playing with their baby.

Helping your child learn about object permanence

4 months old

A baby holding an adult's hand.

What is separation anxiety?

10 weeks old

A person looking at their crying baby wondering 'how long should I let my baby cry it out?'

How much should I let my baby cry?

Encouraging self-sufficiency in your toddler

9 months old 

12 weeks old 

3 months

The effects of play on development

Second year milestones

Fun science experiments to try with your toddler

13 months old

Reminiscing: Reasons to talk to your toddler about the past

Toddler copying actions

When can children recognize themselves in mirrors?

10 months old 

7 months old

11 months old

5 months old

7 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

4 weeks old

3 weeks old

1 week old

The importance of options 

Learning through play at 1 year


When do babies develop imagination?