Parenting styles

There are a number of different parenting styles. If you have a partner, you might not agree on one, and that's ok. Here's some general guidance.

Dear Ovia, How do I get my husband involved more with the baby

two men play with their son on the floor

Explaining gender and orientation to your child

Too many extracurricular activities: Tips for how to find balance and figure out what’s best for your child

Raising a gender creative kid

Raising a gender creative kid

How to support our LGBTQ+ kids

How to support our LGBTQ+ kids

6 hilarious mom mealtime hacks

mom carrying toddler in carrier

How long can my toddler ride in a sling or backpack?

mom and toddler playing

Clingy behaviors in toddlers

baby with mom

Helping baby reach milestones

adults having fun singing

Toddlers and grown-up parties

mom and toddler cooking

Surviving cooking with kids

toddler dressed up

Your toddler’s unique dress sense

toddler running on couch

When your toddler likes to run off

moms with toddlers socializing

Getting along with your toddler’s friends’ parents

toddler and mom

How involved is too involved?

toddler on dads shoulders

Why praise shouldn’t be demonized

group of parents playing with children

Dealing with other people parenting your kids

toddler in bath

When should I stop using baby shampoo?

mom taking selfie with baby

Thinking carefully about social media sharing

moms with baby

Do children need role models besides their parents?

happy parents with baby

3 things you won’t realize until your baby is older

happy couple with baby

8 things we can learn from our babies

parents out with baby

5 scrapbook-worthy new-parenting milestones

dad playing with baby

Top 4 diapering dilemmas and their solutions

mom and baby

Should I put baby on a schedule?

baby with pacifier

Should I give my baby a pacifier?

A couple running with baby to represent exercise while breast feeding.

Is it safe to exercise while breastfeeding?

A baby getting bath.

Washing your newborn with a sponge

Can you spoil a baby? Image here is of a baby wearing a crown and holding a scepter to represent this question.

Spoiling your newborn

Cost-savers for life with multiples

Setting boundaries with your verbal toddler

Levels of supervision as your toddler gets older

Handling a swearing toddler

toddler repeating speech bubble

Repeat after me, or on second thought, don’t: Teach your children well, but maybe not to swear just yet

Mom and daugther doing yoga

Breaking the cycle of anxiety: How I model healthy habits for my own children so they won’t worry like I do

Mom cuddling baby

A way to remember it all: On fear, hope, and all the photos I took when my baby boy first got sick

Father and daughter

“When she thought I was a superhero”: On crappy art projects, our kids’ pride in their work, and how they’re always getting bigger 


Boys will be boys: What it might mean to raise my son to be a good man, and brother, and person

Dad and kids

Wellfleet oysters and chicken nuggets: On patience and teaching children to be adventurous eaters

Dad playing with child

What we might share, and what might surprise us: My hope that my children will someday share my love of sports, and making peace with the idea that they might not

Talking to your verbal toddler about safety

Helping your nonparent friends get to know your toddler

Dining out without the stress 


Playground manners for both baby and you

Extended family networks and only-parents


Sleep training 101

Grocery shopping with your baby

One person teaching another how to hold a newborn baby.

Helping friends and family hold your newborn correctly

Talking to your toddler about the connection between meat and animals

Why do some toddlers hate having their hair washed?

Setting limits in the third year

Things to consider when taking pictures of your children

Modifying behavior without being mean

Connecting an adopted child with an adoption mentor

Figuring out which rules to make and enforce with a toddler

Enforcing screen time with toddlers

How is raising an adopted baby or child different?

Talking to older children about a younger sibling’s adoption


Father’s Day when no one is ‘the dad’


The Coke vs. Pepsi of new parenthood: know your “mommy wars” topics


6 parenting truths you might have learned in the first year

A child care center.

What to look for in a child care center


The new parent’s cheat sheet

Helping siblings bond and cut down on conflict

Building quality time into your everyday routines

7 ways to encourage kids to help clean up

Raising responsible children

Potty training pitfalls

Talking to your toddler about trying new things

Teaching your toddler to play nicely with younger children

The benefits of letting toddlers climb

Rules at other people’s houses

Why is my toddler so stubborn?

Saying no to your toddler when they really, really, really wants something

Raising a confident child

Talking to your child about a new sibling-to-be

Talking to other parents about your rules for Baby

Unplugging when you’re hanging out with your toddler

Aggressive tantrums going into the third year

Practical skills to teach your almost-three-year-old

Choosing an emergency contact for your toddler

3 tantrum-friendly locations

Help, my toddler hates haircuts!

How putting my son in daycare has made me a better mom

When to teach your toddler about “stranger danger”

5 routines to work into your toddler’s week

How to win an argument with your toddler

Help! My partner and I have different parenting styles

The pros and cons of training pants

Answering your toddler’s uncomfortable questions

Pros and cons of a toddler harness

Flossing and your toddler

On the go: Tricks for getting your toddler out the door in a hurry

Tantrums, toddlers, and public places

Nudity at home

Preparing your toddler for big changes

Permissive relatives and the holidays

When should I stop using the stroller?

5 steps to grocery greatness with a tot

How soon is too soon for potty training?

Apologizing to your toddler

Making time for your own interests with a mobile toddler

How do parenting styles differ throughout the world?


Helping to curb “bad” toddler habits

Dressing a Toddler

Toddlers and telephones

Media guidelines for your about-to-be-three-year-old

Talking to your toddler about strangers

Talking to kids about sensitive topics

Teaching children to dress themselves

4 subtle ways to raise an inclusive child

Trimming your toddler’s nails 


4 pieces of bad advice for parenting your 1-year old

Nature vs. nurture: How much influence do parents have?

Why your baby is hitting and what you can do about it

Toddlerproofing the internet


Raising kind kids

Entertaining yourself around a toddler

Alternate uses for discarded baby names


Blast from the past: parenting tips from the 1930s

5 ways your children will have totally different childhoods than you did

6 reasons why you’re a great parent

5 fears every parent shares


Should I stop my baby from thumb-sucking?

What makes somebody a “good” parent?

To clean the uncleanable

What is attachment parenting?

Amended birth certificates and your adopted child

What is slow parenting?

Baby’s first haircut


5 pieces of bad advice about parenting your 6-month old


Parenting trends: “sharenting”

Communicating your rules to other caretakers


5 organizational tips for life with baby

When should I stop describing my baby in weeks or months?

Parenting while sick

4 secrets of parenting the books don’t tell you

5 problems parents of multiples face, and their solutions

When should I start disciplining my child?

Telling identical twins apart

Seeing the world through a toddler’s eyes

Do I over-praise my toddler?

Talking to your toddler about other people’s religions

When will this feel normal? 

A baby about to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding: How long should I do it?

A person looking at their crying baby wondering 'how long should I let my baby cry it out?'

How much should I let my baby cry?

A baby bonding with their mother's partner.

Helping your partner feel closer to baby

Basic life rules to teach your two-year-old

The importance of getting messy

Toddler resistance to diaper changing

Stay-at-home parenting with a toddler

A parent’s guide to searching for a lost toy

Being a good role model through the toddler years

Hiring a babysitter for the first time

Childcare with multiples

How to get your toddler out the door on early days

When your toddler grows out of an old favorite

How often should my toddler take a bath?

How often do I need to clean baby products

Help! My child hates wearing clothes

When should I stop bringing my child of the opposite sex into the bathroom with me?

Ways to keep your cool with a toddler

Help! My child won’t sit in the grocery cart

Time for time-out

Dealing with a sprinter 

Teaching manners as your child grows 


5 tips for surviving the toddler years

What is free range parenting?


Help! My baby hates the bath


5 things every parent knows all too well

MYOB: 6 responses to people who interfere with your parenting


What should I have my baby call me?


What if my baby doesn’t like the things I do?


How do I know if my baby likes me?