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March 12, 2018 | Articles

The Ad Formats That Win With Millennial Moms (And The Ones That Lose)

This February, Ovia Insights surveyed more than 9,000 Ovia Pregnancy users to learn more about millennial moms' buying decisions, ad preferences, and...

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March 7, 2018 | Articles

What Advertisers Can Learn from the Oscars

As the 90th Academy Awards proved, a conversational shift is in the making. Host Jimmy Kimmel didn’t just acknowledge the #TimesUp and...

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February 2, 2018 | Articles

Ovia Health Selected for Inclusion in Willis Towers Watson’s Family and Fertility Benefits Solution

Ovia Health’s Industry-Leading, Evidence-Based Maternity and Family Benefits to Help Employers Prevent Costs, Attract and Retain Top Talent

BOSTONOvia Health, the industry...

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November 28, 2017 | Articles

The Hidden Talents of Email: Best Practices For Email Marketing

Marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach their brand’s audiences, especially as technology expands communication capabilities and...

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November 21, 2017 | Toolkits

A Hosted Conversation on Maternity Benefits

Every day, we’re working to improve maternity care for women and employers. We all know that making maternity care better has...

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October 23, 2017 | Articles

ABC Expo Event Recap

Did you follow us while we were at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this year?  We were broadcasting live...

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October 12, 2017 | Articles

3 Tips for Brands As Millennials Embrace Marriage, Motherhood, and the Move to the ‘Burbs

The major adult milestones of marriage, having a baby, and buying a home—which often occur in rapid succession—each comes with its...

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October 4, 2017 | Articles

Spotlight Series: The Land of Nod

Our new “Spotlight Series” features brands and agencies we work with on our Insights platform to reach our common audience -...

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September 28, 2017 | Research

Reaching Millennial Moms: Moving Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Advertising

Earlier this year, Ovia Insights announced the results of our groundbreaking survey of nearly 3,500 millennial women. In this survey, we...

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September 20, 2017 | Research

Meet the Tech-Savvy Millennial Mom

Ovia Insights recently surveyed over 3,500 women to better understand their passions, motivations, and media habits. The result?...

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