Resources & Research: Family Benefits

April 22, 2019 | Articles

New adoption & surrogacy programs in Ovia Health

Ovia Health's maternity & family benefits now include programs for adoption and surrogacy — offering even more support for the challenges and opportunities on the path to parenthood.
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April 18, 2019 | Articles

Ovia Health and Milk Stork: Partnering to help women return to work confidently

We interviewed Kate Torgesen, founder of Milk Stork, about why she started her...

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April 10, 2019 | Articles

The Washington Post asks: what does it mean to keep your data private? At Ovia Health, it means everything.

Today, the Washington Post published a story about the rise of pregnancy apps and the complexities surrounding women’s health, data privacy, and pregnancy in the workplace — and highlighted Ovia Health as a company that is following the rules, doing it right, and helping women have better health outcomes.
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April 4, 2019 | Articles

The One Strategy You Need to Avoid the Million Dollar Baby and Improve Clinical Outcomes for Your Employees

Nearly 10% of babies born in the United States are born premature — which results in not only adverse health outcomes...

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March 28, 2019 | Articles

Leading a conversation about maternity policies at SXSW

This March, Ovia Health traveled to SXSW in Austin, TX to lead a conversation about the current state of maternity...

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March 21, 2019 | Articles

Millennials and the NICU: Modernizing Your Case Management Strategy to Reduce Premature Births

The Challenge

Today, nearly 10% of babies born in the United States are premature (1). On average, each premature baby spends 25...

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March 7, 2019 | Articles

Moms are working - why aren't maternity policies?

At Ovia Health, our goal is to transform the way women and families are supported on their parenthood journeys - both at home, and...

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March 6, 2019 | Articles

Inside Ovia Health's Clinical Programs: Endometriosis

Ovia Health's maternity & family benefits solution extends to preconception and reproductive health, with clinical programs specifically designed to support endometriosis education...

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March 4, 2019 | Articles

The new Ovia Health feature working parents need

Parents can now track feedings, diaper changes, and sleep right from the Ovia Parenting app. This tool is useful for parents as they monitor their family's health, coordinate day-to-day parenting duties, and learn more about their newborns.
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February 27, 2019 | Articles Users

New from Ovia Health: Milk Shipping with Milk Stork

Thirty-four percent of women don’t return to their job once they have a baby because they...

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