Fertility Nutrition

Breaking down BMI

Woman stands in the kitchen preparing some food

Disordered eating and fertility: Questions to ask yourself

Two people sit at the computer together

What you can and cannot control when TTC

Image of clocks representing how long it should take to get pregnant.

Thinking of having a baby? Here’s how long it can take

Image of fried fish and asperagus.

Nutrition to boost male fertility

Image of a woman making healthy snack alternative.

Healthy snack food alternatives

Image of a pile of prenatal vitamins.

Do you really need to start taking prenatal vitamins before conception?

Image of chicken and vegetables chopped up next to a knife on a cutting board.

Foods to fix iron-deficiency anemia

A person holding prenatal supplements in their hand.

What to look for in a prenatal supplement

A woman looking off into the distance.

No period, no positive pregnancy test- what happened?

Image of a white flower with a blue background.

Why might miscarriages happen: Common causes

A person outside drinking from a bottle of water.

9 nutrition tips when trying to conceive

A person doing yoga on a mat.

Alternative therapies for fertility

A person smiling while texting on their phone.

Smoking and fertility

A person talking to their male partner about fertility.

Talking to a male partner about his fertility

A person hydrating while drinking a glass of water.

Proper hydration and fertility

A person putting bananas and spinach into their smoothie.

Preparing your body for pregnancy

A vegetarian soup.

How fertility and vegetarian diets work

A person putting out their cigarette and wondering how smoking may affect fertility.

Fertility tips: quit smoking

A couple in the kitchen about to have the fertility talk.

The talk: your partner and fertility

A couple smiling for a picture.

Lights, camera, conception! A pre-pregnancy checklist

A woman drinking water.

Fertility tips: The importance of water

A woman buying healthy foods.

Fertility tips: Go organic

A plate of chicken and vegetable skewers.

Four nutrition tips to improve male fertility

Pills and tablets on a teal background to represent prenatal vitamins.

Should you be taking a prenatal vitamin when TTC?

A glass with a green drink that has many nutrients to help with fertility.

The most important nutrients to include in your preconception diet

A grapefruit cut in half next to two spoons on a white plate.

How can I make my cervical fluid more fertile?

A person with sunglasses on walking and holding a cigarette.

Seven things to avoid while TTC

A woman looking at vitamins and other supplements that may help boost her fertility.

Five herbal supplements used to boost fertility

A woman doing yoga in the park as a way to prepare for pregnancy.

Five of the best ways you can prepare your body for pregnancy right now

Two people lie on their stomachs on a bed smiling at each other

Trying to conceive in a bigger body

Man and woman look at each other in the kitchen

Trying to conceive in a smaller body

A woman drinking tea while looking up information on her computer about herbal remedies for fertility during ovulation.

Can herbal remedies help me get pregnant?

A person checking their heart rate while exercising.

Will exercising too much hurt my fertility?

A sink with running faucet.

How can cervical fluid problems affect conception?

A person talking on the phone while using their laptop to represent stress when trying to conceive.

Am I too stressed to get pregnant?

12 different drawings of lightbulbs to represent tips on how to get pregnant fast

18 tips to get pregnant faster that actually work

Many flowers sitting in the sun to represent new beginnings, or lifestyle changes to make that may boost fertility.

Lifestyle changes that may boost your fertility to improve your chances of conceiving

Wild flowers in a lovely meadow to represent best herbs for fertility.

Best herbs for fertility

A plate of food with different foods to eat to help with fertility.

Nine nutritious foods to help boost your fertility

A couple and one is kissing the other on the forehead to people that have been trying to get pregnant for over a year.

Over one year of TTC

A woman cutting up vegetables in the kitchen to represent eating healthy to help fertility.

A healthy lifestyle today can lead to a healthy pregnancy tomorrow: what you can do now

A couple talking about the effects of smoking and drinking on fertility.

How smoking and alcohol can affect fertility

A person using a spoon to eat from a bowl of oats and strawberries to represent foods to eat while trying to conceive.

Nutrition to promote fertility

Multiple people working out to represent exercise and fertility.

Exercise and fertility

A person running because good physical health affects fertility.

From superfoods to smoking: what can help and hurt your fertility

Many clocks to represent how long should it take to get pregnant.

Getting pregnant: How long should it take?

Several women at workout ballet class

Understanding abs

A woman on foam roller.

Four common workout injuries and how to avoid them

A woman cutting up fruit for her PCOS diet.

Eating well with PCOS

Woman, seated on couch, looks at her phone

Investigating the 2,000 calorie diet

A woman cooking and eating in kitchen.

Five “superfoods” that might not be so super

A person making healthy drink to represent tracking food and drink when trying to conceive.

Tracking your food and drink intake with Ovia

Coconuts and coconut oil.

Coconut oil: the (controversial) crowd-pleaser

A glass cup filled with ginger lemon honey tea.

Fertility recipes: honey, lemon, and ginger tea

A plate of cranberry orange scones from the article recipe.

Fertility recipes: cranberry orange scones with whole wheat flour and Greek yogurt

A person looking out a window and wondering how to manage depression

Managing depression in everyday life: Helpful routines

A woman on her phone in bed, representing an activity she should avoid before bed.

Before bedtime no-nos: Stuff to avoid that won’t help you sleep

Graphic with the words 'vitamins and health' in the bottom left corner.

Ovia Family Award winners: prenatal vitamins and health products

A person at the grocery store trying to pick what they're going to buy.

Wild vs. farmed fish: unraveling the truth

An illustration of green vegetables.

It’s not easy getting greens: Six ways to get more vegetables in your life

Three people talking and getting ready to go for a run as part of their exercise routine.

How to start an exercise routine – and stick with it

Hospital and health symbol.

Helpful facts about migraines

Image of a plate of food containing rice, tomatoes and fish.

From food pyramids to “MyPlate”: USDA food guides and what they mean for you

People shopping for oil at the grocery store.

Oils are awesome: From olive to argan, the best oils you didn’t realize

Image of dairy products and nuts.

So you’ve decided to give up dairy…

Image of spoons with different seeds in them.

What’s the deal with gluten?

Image of fish and seasonings.

Seafood and mercury levels: What you should know

Image of a person with several multivitamins in their hand.

Good for you or good for nothing? What you should know about taking a multivitamin

Image of leafy greens that could be included in a new, healthy diet.

Six meals to boost your greens

A person stretching in the middle of their run.

How important is stretching…or is it?

A person checking their watch while holding their phone.

Obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of exercise

A person holding the area near their uterus to represent endometriosis.


A healthy salad with dressing on it.

Nutritious salad dressing options

Fish, nuts, and seeds to represent foods in a diet that contain omega 3 and 6.

Are you getting your omegas? 

Image of smoothies for a green diet.

Go green: Six ways to work more greens into your diet

Image of avocados, nuts, and fish, representing foods that contain healthy fats.

The good, the bad, the misunderstood: What you need to know about fats

A plate of salad with avocado, pomegranate, and jicama salad with creamy avocado dressing.

Fertility recipes: avocado, pomegranate, and jicama salad with creamy avocado dressing

Two plates of cauliflower rice with vegitables.

Fertility recipes: light cauliflower fried ‘rice’

Winter spinach salad in a bowl.

Fertility recipes: winter spinach salad with pomegranate, apple, and quinoa

A bowl of vegetarian lasagna with a spoon next to it, ready to eat.

Fertility recipes: vegetarian lasagna soup with zucchini and mushrooms

Vegetables tomato and avocado arranged in a plate to help them look tasty.

Five vegetables for people who hate vegetables

Plate of tomato, basil, and garlic bruschetta from the article recipe.

Fertility recipes: classic tomato, basil, and garlic bruschetta

A tray of almond butter chocolate chip cookies.

Fertility recipes: almond butter chocolate chunk cookies

A bowl of curried carrot soup with garlic bread next to it.

Fertility recipes: curried carrot shorba

A plate of cucumber tomato salad.

Fertility recipes: cucumber salad with white wine vinaigrette

Chickpeas in a small container that can be a salad topping or eaten alone as a snack.

Fertility recipes: roasted chipotle, lime, and garlic chickpeas

A dish of zucchini tomato tian with three full tomatoes sitting next to it.

Fertility recipes: zucchini tomato tian with pine nuts

A healthy recipe of lamb, quinoa, and lentils, that can help boost fertility.

Fertility recipes: Lamb koftas with date lentil quinoa and yogurt coconut creamed spinach

A container of healthy truffle balls from the article's recipe.

Fertility recipes: avocado almond joy truffles

A red plate of sesame beef and stir fry.

Fertility recipes: sesame beef and vegetable stir fry with soy and ginger 

Image of the feet of several people walking on a treadmill.

Five exercise myths busted

A bowl of lentils and kale with black rice and spices.

Fertility recipes: moroccan spiced lentils with kale and black rice 

Several gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Fertility recipes: gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

A blue bowl of roasted carrot soup.

Fertility recipes: garlicky roasted carrot soup

Image of chocolate broken up on a table.

Can my diet help prevent PMS? Here are the details

Table with several creme brûlée desserts made from healthy ingredients and an easy recipe.

Fertility recipes: Crème brulee

A person looking up signs of PCOS on their cellphone.

Could I have PCOS?

A person checking their heart rate on their watch while listening to music on their headphones.

How much exercise is too much?

Four egg shells.

What is anovulation?

Homemade chicken noodle soup made from a recipe.

Fertility recipes: chicken noodle soup

Pumpkin blueberry muffins in the oven.

Fertility recipes: pumpkin blueberry muffins

A mediterranean pasta made from a recipe

Fertility recipes: mediterranean pasta

A bowl of apple and pumpkin oatmeal.

Fertility recipes: apple and pumpkin oatmeal

Banana and berry oatmeal made from a recipe.

Fertility recipes: good, old fashioned, morning oatmeal

A plate of stir fry brussel sprouts with garlic.

Fertility recipes: stir fried garlic brussel sprouts

A bowl of Caramelized onion hummus.

Fertility recipes: caramelized onion hummus

A kale and cabbage salad with lemon.

Fertility recipes: kale and cabbage salad

A crock pot quinoa and veggie stew.

Fertility recipes: crock pot quinoa and veggie stew

A plate of chicken red Thai curry next to a drink.

Fertility recipes: chicken red Thai curry

A sweet potato burger with a bun falling off the side of it on a white plate .

Fertility recipes: simple and sweet potato burgers

A bowl of sweet potato soup with croutons made from this recipe.

Fertility recipes: sweet potato soup and cheese croutons

A bowl of butternut squash from this recipe with oranges next to the bowl on the table.

Fertility recipes: butternut squash barley risotto

Red plate with salmon and asparagus made from this salmon en papillote recipe.

Fertility recipes: salmon en papillote

A plate of roasted cauliflower salad next to a fork.

Fertility recipes: roasted cauliflower salad

Two cups of almond butter granola from a recipe.

Fertility recipes: almond butter granola

Two stuffed delicata squash on a plate from a recipe.

Fertility recipes: stuffed delicata squash

A mint, limeade mocktail in a clear glass with ice in it.

Fertility recipes: mint limeade mocktail

A plate of chocolate gingerbread brownies.

Fertility recipes: chocolate gingerbread brownies

Woman, seated on kitchen counter, looks at her phone


Image representing health symbol

The meaning behind dark urine

Image of health symbol, the caduceus.

Leg cramps: Everything you need to know

Image of health symbol, the caduceus.

Infrequent urination: What causes it and can it be avoided?

Health and medicine symbol.

Increased thirst: Do you need to drink more water?

Symbol of health and medicine.

What really causes hiccups?

Graphic of the health symbol.

Hemorrhoids: What you should know

Symbol of health and medicine.

What is acid reflux?

Image of symbol that represents health and medicine.

Fainting 101: Why does it happen?

Image of symbol that represents health.

The reasons behind excessive sweating

Image of health symbol.

Cloudy or strong-smelling urine: Is it something to worry about?